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Form SI-200

Note About Our Incorporation Services:

We file this mandatory form for you -- at no extra charge or fee. We also pay the $25 filing fee as an included service at our expense.

Filing this form is included in both the Complete and the Complete Plus One Year Corporate Counsel incorporation programs. This form will be completed by us, signed by us (as your attorney) and filed for you with the $25 filing fee. We do this promptly after your Articles of Incorporation are filed. No action is required on your part.

Information about the form and our professional services:

bulletAPPLIES TO ALL  This form is given by the office of the Secretary of State to ALL new corporations.
bulletOVER ONE HOUR TO COMPLETE  One hour and twenty minutes is the estimated time needed to read the form instructions, complete the form, write the filing fee check, prepare the form for mailing, and to mail the form.
bulletDUE AFTER INCORPORATION  By law, new corporations must file this form soon after incorporation.
bulletDUE EVERY YEAR THEREAFTER  By law, all corporations must file this form every year thereafter.
bulletFILING FEE  The filing fee is $25. This is paid to the Secretary of State.
bulletPENALTY  The penalty for failure to file the form in a timely matter is $250.
bulletSUSPENSION  Failure to file the form, or to pay the penalty after assessment, will result in suspension. Suspension is an official act of the Secretary of State that cuts off certain rights including the right to engage in business.
bulletWE FILE FOR YOU  Our incorporation clients do not need to bother with this form. We file it as an included part of our incorporation services. No action is required on your part.
bulletFOR CORPORATE COUNSEL CLIENTS, WE FILE EVERY YEAR  Our Corporate Counsel clients do not need to bother with this form every year. We file it each year and pay the filing fee. We also file any necessary amendments to the form during the year to cover things like officer changes, address changes, and board of director changes. For more information about our Corporate Counsel Program, click here.

Calif. SOS Form SI-200Form Instructions


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